How do I Become a Pet Detective?

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In order to become a pet detective, you must be able to think analytically and have a keen understanding of animal behaviors. In most jurisdictions, there is no licensing process to become a professional pet detective. Classes and seminars focusing on pet detective techniques, however, are sometimes offered through pet location services. Taking one of these classes or volunteering to assist an established pet locator is a good way to gain the knowledge and experience needed to become a pet detective. Once you have acquired the necessary skills and learned key location techniques, you may want to consider organizing a company to professionally engage in business with the public after you become a pet detective.

Searching for lost pets is as much a skill as locating missing people is. You must be able to analyze clues, as well as have an understanding of how lost or frightened animals act when in unfamiliar surroundings. These skills, along with many others, will not only help you become a pet detective, but will help you gain a professional reputation as one who is successful in reuniting missing pets with owners.


Once you have determined that you have the basic analytical skills needed to become a pet detective, take some time to research similar businesses in your area. Call upon local veterinarians and animal shelters to discover other local pet detectives. Upon contacting these individuals, inquire about referrals for classes or seminars that will help you develop your skills and gain additional location techniques. Often, such training is offered on weekends and may only take a few days to complete. If training sessions are not offered in your area, inquire about online classes or ask a pet detective if you can volunteer to assist her or him in locating missing animals in exchange for supervised training in the field.

After you become a pet detective, you will then be ready to open your own business. Depending on where you live, you may need to establish an official business entity, such as a corporation or a limited liability company, and then you can begin advertising your services to others. Most jurisdictions do not require special education or a formal licensing process before you can become a pet detective. It is not unusual, however, to find that animal detectives also have a background in law enforcement. If you happen to have such a background, be sure to advertise this to add credibility to your services.



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