How do I Become a Personnel Assistant?

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A personnel assistant is usually employed by a company to work in its human resources department. The human resources department may have one of more senior administrators. A personnel assistant is likely to be an aide to one or all of these individuals. If you are looking to become a personnel assistant, you need to develop strong clerical skills, excellent communication skills, and show that you are a very organized individual.

The duties of a personnel assistant can vary from one company to another and from one day to another. However, one thing is for sure, you will definitely need clerical skills. You should be proficient with popular word processing, spreadsheet, and database software before you apply for such a job. You should also be proficient on the Internet.

There are certain degrees that can help you to achieve your goal to become a personnel assistant. Many colleges and universities offer course studies in human resources. This should look very attractive on your resume. A degree in management is also likely to make you an attractive candidate. If you are deliberating between immediately entering the workforce or getting a degree, realize that in most instances, this job will not be offered to individuals who only have a high school diploma.


A personnel assistant typically bears a lot of responsibility. Not only are senior administrators likely to depend on her, but a company’s staff may also rely heavily on her. It is often the duty of the personnel assistant to make sure that documents pertaining to important issues, such as insurance and payroll, are organized and submitted in a timely manner. Since you will be handling a wide range of tasks, you need to display organizational skills.

If you want to become a personnel assistant, you also need to realize that this job generally requires excellent communication skills. Your potential employers are likely to begin assessing your communication skill from your resume and cover letter. Make sure you draft these documents carefully and that they clearly express your ideas. Also, prepare to be well-spoken during any interviews you may schedule.

In many instances, a person in this position needs to be able to assess a task and recognize what needs to be done without being told. If you want to become a personnel assistant, understand that in many instances, work will flow through you to your bosses instead of your bosses handing assignments down to you. This means that a personnel assistant needs to have strong problem solving skills. These are likely to be assessed during the interview process. Do not be surprised if you are asked what you would do given certain hypothetical situations.

In addition to secondary education, many of these positions will require experience. You may, therefore, want to consider trying to obtain personnel assistant positions through a staffing agency. Doing this will allow you to build your resume and develop your skills. An alternative strategy to become a personnel assistant is applying for entry-level clerical positions with a company that places internal promotion as a priority.



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