How Do I Become a Performance Improvement Manager?

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Performance improvement managers are individuals who lead projects to help businesses advance in a particular area of need. These individuals can work in a wide range of industries, including the medical field or even the accounting industry. A person who desires to become a performance improvement manager needs to earn at least a four-year bachelor’s degree, although completing two years of graduate school makes him or her more attractive to employers.

If you want to become a performance improvement manager, you should complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in business. Getting into this type of degree program requires that you submit a copy of your high school diploma and the equivalent certification as well as a completed enrollment form. In addition, you need to provide your recent standardized test scores along with your transcript of high school classes to the admissions team of the school of your choice.

Several core business courses will prepare you for the role of a performance improvement leader. For instance, you should study project management, as you need to be able to plan projects designed to help organizations better achieve certain goals if you seek to become a performance improvement manager. The course covers how to assign company team members to various parts of your endeavors and correctly assess related risks. A course on the principles of supervision also is helpful because professionals in this industry are responsible for developing employees by providing training opportunities and performance evaluations for them. Courses in specialty areas such as healthcare are valuable to take as well if you seek to become a performance improvement manager who works in a healthcare facility.

People who are interested in leading performance improvement initiatives at a company should look for internship opportunities in the industry. An internship is helpful because it gives you the chance to acquire hands-on experience with helping companies to implement plans to produce high-quality services and products within established budgets and deadlines. You need to work on honing your ability to operate independently as well as collaborate effectively with other employees.

Although a bachelor’s degree often is sufficient to become a performance improvement manager, a two-year master’s degree will provide you with more employment opportunities. A graduate degree in business administration enables you to explore management and marketing concepts in a more in-depth fashion and apply these principles to real-world situations. You also have to complete an extensive thesis research project prior to earning your degree.


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