How Do I Become a Payroll Coordinator?

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Each prospective employer may have a different set of requirements for those who want to become payroll coordinators. Often, however, many of the general requirements are the same. For example, you will typically need at least a high school or General Educational Development® (GED®) diploma to qualify for this job, though some employers may prefer candidates with associate's degrees. Most employers also require a few years of payroll experience and a range of skills, including those related to computer use. Though payroll certification may not be required, earning it may also boost your chances of qualifying for this job.

The minimum credential you will probably need to become a payroll coordinator is a secondary school diploma or an acceptable substitute credential. In some places, for example, a GED® is an acceptable alternative for those who did not graduate from high school. Some employers may, however, give preference to those who earn associate's degrees instead, especially if the degree is in a closely related subject, such as business or accounting.


Besides educational requirements, you will likely have to gain a significant amount of experience to become a payroll coordinator. In this position, you will likely have responsibility for many accounts and supervise other payroll workers. For this reason, many prospective employers will expect you to have at least a few years of experience working with payroll. For example, you may start out with an entry-level position in a payroll department and after three to five years qualify for a position as a payroll coordinator.

There are many skills required for a payroll coordinator job, and honing these skills may not only help you land this job, but also improve your chances of being successful in it. For example, good computer skills are usually a must when you want to become a payroll coordinator, and you will likely need good interpersonal skills and leadership ability. Organizational skills and the ability to pay close attention to detail are also important for this job. Analytical and problem-solving skills are usually critical as well.

While employers may not require it, you can also seek certification when you want to become a payroll coordinator. There are some organizations that offer certifications specifically for this position. In order to become certified, you will typically have to pass the standardized examination required by the organization. Possessing such a credential may help to increase your chances of landing the job you want, as it will serve as proof of your knowledge of payroll-related matters and processes.



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