How do I Become a Patent Attorney?

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The path to becoming a patent attorney can be a long one. A person interested in pursuing a career in this field typically has to complete high school and college before going on to complete law school. While an individual who wants to become a patent attorney usually follows a general law path while in law school, taking courses in trademark law, patent law, and copyrighting may provide good preparation for this career. Finally, an individual who wants to become a patent attorney usually has to pass two exams before he can practice in this field.

An individual who wants to become a patent attorney helps his clients with issues and claims related to patents. A patent attorney helps his clients obtain patents and secure permission to use or sell already-patented products. He may also help his clients copyright their materials, have their inventions licensed, or deal with infringement claims. For example, he may represent a client who is suing another person or company for using his patented product without permission. Likewise, he may also represent clients who have used patented items without obtaining permission themselves.


To become a patent attorney, a person typically completes high school or earns an equivalent diploma. Taking courses that encourage the use of writing and speaking skills may help an individual prepare for this career. Taking advanced math and science courses may also provide good preparation for completing college coursework. Additionally, an individual interested in this field may do well to take courses that encourage the growth of analytical skills.

Many aspiring patent attorneys pursue bachelor’s degrees in science, technology, or engineering majors. These degrees may help an aspiring attorney to understand inventions, technical processes, and the needs of the people he will represent as a practicing patent attorney. An individual may get into law school, however, after earning just about any bachelor’s degree.

After completing college, a person who wants to become a patent attorney usually goes to law school. While studying law, he may choose courses in copyrighting, trademarking, and patenting. Some people may find it helpful to take courses in entertainment law as well. Additionally, some people may seek out internships with patent law firms while they complete their law degrees. This can provide additional training that may help the aspiring lawyer to get a job after law school.

A person who wants to become a patent attorney typically has to pass a final exam or series of exams after graduation to become a lawyer. In the United States, students must pass the bar exam, for example. A student must then normally pass exams specific to patent law to become a practicing patent attorney.



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