How Do I Become a Part-Time Nanny?

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If you wish to become a part-time nanny, you should be able to get along well with children. Nannies should also have no criminal history, a valid driver's license, and be reliable and punctual. Taking first aid and CPR classes, as well as nanny or child-care classes, can also increase the chances of getting a part-time nanny job. Anyone looking to get a nanny job may also want to apply to a nanny placement agency.

Being a nanny is a rewarding and challenging job. A person who is going to school, especially someone studying for a career in teaching or child care, may want to become a part-time nanny to make some extra money. This job also allows you to work around the schedules of another part-time job or your own family's schedule.

As with other types of child-care careers, being a part-time nanny requires getting along well with children. Anyone who wants to become a part-time nanny should genuinely enjoy being around children. Nannies should also be able to communicate well with children.

If you are interested in becoming a part-time nanny, you should make sure that you do not commit any crimes or have a substance abuse problem. Before you are offered a nanny position, your future employers will usually run a background check on you. Some potential employers will also perform drug test.


Once you become a part-time nanny, you will also most likely need to transport children to school, doctor's appointments, or social activities. For this, you should also have a valid driver's license with a clean driving record. It is also very helpful to have your own transportation, although some families may allow you to use their vehicle.

Parents who hire part-time nannies usually need them on certain days at certain times. If nannies are unavailable at these times, they are not useful to their employers. If you wish to become a part-time nanny, you should make sure you are very reliable, and show up to work on time.

Since you will be responsible for the safety and well being of children when you are a part-time nanny, you should also take classes in CPR and first aid. These courses will prepare you for emergency situations. Although they may not be required, you may also want to take some child-care or nanny courses as well.

Finding part-time nanny jobs can be difficult work, and you may want to consider teaming up with a nanny agency. These agencies help match families that need child care with suitable nannies. Nanny agencies will also usually screen potential nannies and help work out any disputes between the nannies and employers.



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