How do I Become a Painter?

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To become an artistic painter, the most important things are to have a passion for what you do and to express it daily. While earning a certificate or degree in art is certainly desirable and preferable, no one is going to hand you a piece of paper deeming you to be a painter. If you want to become a painter, you're going to have to actually create projects regularly. Living, breathing and feeling like an artist can bring out your creativity.

You can learn about all different types of painting styles before choosing one to specialize in or, if you already know your style, just start producing pieces. Sketching before painting is something many painters do. Remember, it isn't usually necessary to have an enormous collection of art supplies to start to become a painter.

Neither do you have to be in the position to afford expensive art classes or painting books. Libraries usually have art books that can give you a good basic outline of the painting process. The crucial thing is that you begin to create paintings without letting doubt or any excuse stop you from your goal.


Many artists keep a sketch book to keep track of ideas and rough drawings. Regularly adding ideas to a sketch book or experimenting with different paint types, colors, techniques and styles can help you grow as an artist. Expressing your ideas through your artwork is absolutely crucial if you hope to become a painter. Trying different painting methods can help you figure out whether your true artistic passion is, for example, to paint abstracts or landscapes, as well as whether you prefer to work in oils or acrylics.

Starting to become a painter part time while you earn money from a steady job can be a good solution, at least in the beginning of your painting career. Typically, artists make uneven earnings — when work is sold money comes in, but it's often necessary to save most of it to cover living expenses between sales. Earning money from other work while also being sure to set aside strict times to paint can be a suitable solution for starting to become a painter. Asking local businesses such as restaurants to hang your paintings on their walls as well as having an article written about you and your art in your local newspaper can help you get your work out in the community.



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