How Do I Become a Package Handler?

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A package handler sorts packages and delivers them to businesses and residents. You may need a high school diploma to become a package handler, though some employers may not specify educational requirements. You will, however, likely need basic reading, writing, or math skills for this job. Most employers will also require you to be in good physical condition and be able to lift heavy packages. A driver's license, a clear driving record, map-reading skills, and customer service skills are often critical for this job as well.

Typically, educational requirements for becoming a package handler are minimal. Some employers may require you to have a high school diploma or a General Educational Development® (GED®) certificate. Others, however, may not set any educational requirements at all. Instead, they may prove willing to hire you if you have basic math, reading, and writing skills. Additionally, good communication skills are usually among the common requirements.


Your physical ability generally is more important than your educational background when you want to become a package handler. Many of these jobs require employees to lift packages that weigh more than 50 pounds (about 22.68 kilograms). Not only will you need the physical strength to accomplish this, but you will also need to be in good physical condition. If you have a chronic back or knee condition, this job probably isn't a good fit — neck or wrist injuries may also interfere with your ability to lift packages on a regular basis. In fact, any condition that makes it hard for you to stand for a significant amount of time or climb stairs may interfere with your ability to become a package handler.

Often, package handlers have the job of driving trucks used to deliver packages. For this reason, you will likely need a valid driver's license to become a package handler. Some employers may also perform a check to make sure you have a clear driving record. This might mean you have few moving violations and no history of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Sometimes, full background checks and drug testing are also required for this job.

Other skills you may need when you want to become a package handler include organizational skills, the ability to read maps, and basic customer service skills. You might also need to be able to sort packages based on their locations. Attention to detail is also important for ensuring that packages are placed in the right storage place, or on the right truck, or delivered to the right place.



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