How Do I Become a Nursing Tutor?

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A nursing tutor helps nursing students excel in classes and prepare to pass nursing exams. Many employers and clients will expect you to have at least a bachelor's degree when you want to become a nursing tutor, though others may hire you while you are a junior or senior in a degree program. Depending on the job you seek, you may also need some experience with instructing or tutoring others, and experience assisting a teacher or tutor may help as well. Likewise, you will typically need teaching, organizational, communication, and other skills to become a nursing tutor. When you feel you are ready to start tutoring, you can apply for a job with a nursing school or tutoring company, or even start your own tutoring business.


The education you will need to become a nursing tutor will typically depend on the subjects you plan to tutor. If you want to tutor nursing students in basic subjects such as math and science, you can likely find a job or clients with a bachelor's degree in just about any subject, as long as you are strong in the subjects with which the students need help. In fact, you may even find a tutoring position before you have graduated from college, such as when you are a junior or a senior in a degree program. If, on the other hand, you want to tutor students in nursing subjects, you may need a bachelor's degree in nursing, and some employers might even expect you to have a master's degree in this field.

Some experience may be required when you want to become a nursing tutor. For example, a client or employer may feel more comfortable hiring you if he knows you have tutored others in the past. This doesn't mean, however, that you must have formal tutoring experience to land this type of job. Instead, experience tutoring peers or assisting a teacher or professor may prove suitable. You can, however, find some positions that do not call for any experience at all.

You will typically also need a range of skills to become a nursing tutor. In most cases, good teaching skills are required, and employers or clients will also expect you to be a good communicator. Patience is usually required when you want to become a nursing tutor, and the ability to approach a subject from a variety of different angles will likely prove helpful as well. Additionally, you will probably need good organizational skills and a knack for getting along with others to succeed in this job.

As far as applying to become a nursing tutor is concerned, you can likely seek a job from a variety of companies. Nursing schools, for instance, might hire you for this job, and some general tutoring companies may have openings for these positions as well. Additionally, you could consider answering ads for tutoring help that are placed by nursing students or starting your own business and searching for clients independently. In some places, however, you will need a business license to start a nursing tutoring business.



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