How Do I Become a News Page Designer?

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To become a news page designer, you should typically have a background in journalism or graphic design with a focus on typography and news layout. You should consider an education that provides you with information about traditional newspaper layouts, as well as an understanding of modern ones used for Internet news sites. This can allow you to work on different types of designs regardless of what medium the general news media may use in the future. Once you have the training you need to become a news page designer, then you should look for opportunities to gain experience in related fields such as writing news articles or creating your own website.

One of the first things you should do to become a news page designer is pursue an education in journalism or graphic design. Journalism programs have often been the standard method for gaining entry into print media such as newspapers and magazines. You should look for a program that not only provides you with information about being a journalist, but also offers courses in page layout and editing. Since much of this work is now done using computers, you should choose classes that focus on programs and methods used in the industry today.


Depending on your particular interests and background, you might also consider pursuing an education in graphic design with a specific focus on printed media. There are a number of different classes you can take to help you become a news page designer, though you should look for courses in typography and page layout. This type of education may have less of a focus on journalism, but can help you understand the way in which type and information should be arranged on a page. You should try to find classes that focus not only on printed text, but also provide you with a background in webpage design and layout as used in the media.

As you complete your education, you should look for opportunities to gain the experience you are likely to need to become a news page designer. You might be able to find work in news design at a small, local newspaper, for example. There are also a number of companies and organizations that may need assistance in creating the layout for newsletters, which can prepare you for working on a larger scale. Once you have sufficient experience, then you may be qualified to become a news page designer at a larger organization, like national newspapers and magazines.



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