How Do I Become a Network Management Engineer?

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Although a bachelor's degree may be suitable to become a network management engineer, a master's degree is often desirable. The two primary areas of study that you might consider focusing your studies on are computer science or computer systems engineering. This is a hands-on profession that is highly technical and several years of experience is generally required to become a network management engineer. Several of the duties that you may be required to perform in this profession include designing, installing, and technical maintenance of communication networks. Experience requirements can vary depending on the size of the company and the position that you are applying for.

A computer science or computer engineering degree program can take at least four years to complete and may require that you complete additional prerequisites in various basic computer courses. Advanced coursework in your field may include introduction to computer programming, algorithms and data structures, and operating systems engineering. Field-related coursework can be excellent preparation to become a network management engineer and the majority of your coursework may be focused on highly specific areas of computer engineering. Other courses that you should consider taking include network security, engineering software, electromagnetics, and several levels of electrical engineering.

Most of these courses are typically required to apply for internships in your field and many employers are seeking students with an impeccable academic history. Due to the fast-paced and competitive nature of this profession, you may want to consider additional experience opportunities. Entry-level or part-time employment in the field can help you become a network management engineer and many candidates begin working on in-depth experience during college. An internship in computer engineering often provides interns with the opportunity to work closely with senior professionals, possibly assisting in the designing and production of video game consoles, microprocessors, and software applications.

There are numerous companies that offer employment in this field and once you become a network management engineer, you may want to seek employment with communication companies, computer software firms, and technology corporations. This profession is constantly evolving and future employers might want you to be up-to-date on innovations in your field. In addition to applying in person to various companies, you may want to subscribe to a computer engineering based trade magazine or website. Many engineering fields offer Internet forums for specialists in this field and networking with other professionals can help you find employment in your area of expertise.



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