How Do I Become a Movie Producer?

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The first step you'll take to become a movie producer may be learning as much as you can about the industry and making sure movie producing is a job that sounds right for you. Then, you can seek education, such as through a bachelor's degree program or a self-education plan. You will likely also need experience to become a movie producer, and you can gain it through internships and making your own short movies. Networking and building a list of contacts may help you on your way as well. Once you feel you are ready to apply for a paid producer job, you may find it easiest to land an assistant producer position with a smaller movie company first and work your way up.

To become a movie producer, you can start by taking the time to learn what the job entails. While this title may sound glamorous, there is a lot of work involved, and learning about the career may give you a better idea of whether or not you are suited to the job. You can learn more about this career by reading books intended for aspiring producers as well as by reading career profiles online.


While not mandatory, related education may prove helpful when you want to become a movie producer. You could, for example, choose to earn a bachelor's degree in film or a similar major in preparation for this career. You can also educate yourself by watching and analyzing many different types of movies as well as by reading books and websites about the film-making industry.

When you want to become a movie producer, experience is likely to prove as important as or more important than education. You can gain experience through internships that allow you to learn in a hands-on situation. When you are choosing internship opportunities, it is also important to keep in mind that you will need to learn about many different aspects of movie making. As such, an internship may prove of value, even if you do not have as much responsibility as you would like. In time, you might be able to work your way up to the types of internships you prefer, with assignments for more challenging tasks.

Contacts will likely prove critical when your goal is to become a movie producer. As such, you may do well to network as much as possible while you are learning about film-making and gaining experience. In time, the contacts you make may translate into film-making projects for you.

You might also find making your own short films helpful when you want to become a movie producer. For example, you could create a selection of short films when you are in high school or college in order to gain experience and get feedback. You could, for instance, distribute your work online and gain feedback for it over the Internet.

Landing your first official job as a movie producer may prove challenging. You are likely to find a good deal of competition for the best producer jobs. For this reason, you may do well to start by seeking assistant producer positions with small companies. As you gain experience and make a name for yourself, you may eventually find it easier to land jobs with more responsibility in larger production firms.



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