How Do I Become a Military Advisor?

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In order for you to become a military advisor, you must first be enlisted as an officer in the military. Once enlisted in the military, you need to have combat experience, preferably leading troops into battle. You will need to excel in combat arms if you want to become a military advisor. You must also prove yourself to be a valuable and proficient soldier, as these are valued skills of a military advisor. A military advisor typically must be seen as a valuable member of the military, capable of making the proper military decisions and of educating and training foreign military members.

When you become a military advisor, you will be placed into a combat leadership position, typically with a foreign military force. There, you would be expected to train the members of that military and advise them on methods of combat and battle strategy. Thus, you will need to have proven yourself in a combat situation, making the proper decisions and successfully deploying your military force. This experience and expertise will often allow you to become a military advisor and warrant you a credible leader.


You might have a better chance to become a military advisor if, while you are in the military, you become a member of an elite fighting force such as the U.S. military's Special Forces or Navy's Sea, Air and Land Teams, commonly known as SEALs. Many soldiers who go on to become a military advisor are trained in special combat tactics and specialized fighting methods. You might also want to learn a foreign language so that you can communicate with the troops you will be assisting. Other areas of expertise that can aid you in becoming an advisor are map reading and tactical troop and armor deployment training. You must prove to be a valuable soldier that is better equipped to aid and train troops than your competition.

In addition to having combat or warfare expertise, superior experience in logistics may also help you become a military advisor. You could be called upon to aid a government in the transportation and supply of its troops and battle supplies. Often, the logistics of fighting a war will be the reason an army is defeated. You could prove just as valuable to the success of a military if you were to become a military advisor in charge of logistics. Aiding the battle planners in methods of resupply, feeding and fueling a military on the move is one of the most important factors of any war.



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