How do I Become a Material Coordinator?

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The best way to become a material coordinator is by taking the appropriate educational courses and applying to various companies who may be hiring for the position. Material coordinators handle the buying, stocking, management, and inventory of materials a business uses in the manufacturing or creation of goods and products. With this in mind, if you have no prior educational background, you may wish to start out by taking college or career courses. Good majors for this job would include accounting, economics, business, or related courses.

If you have a particular company in mind that you’d like to work for, you should speak with a supervisor or upper management official. Find out what they look for in employees, and what educational and experience levels are necessary in order to become a material coordinator with the company. Once you have the answers to these questions, you can figure out your next course of action. In addition, if one company desires specific characteristics, there is a good chance others will as well.


Sign up for college courses if you have not already attended school. You can begin this process by researching schools in the area, and speaking with an administrator to find out additional information about the classes. This will better prepare you to become a material coordinator, and it may give you the opportunity to intern at a company you would like to work for someday. Internships are often the first step in a career, so take your classes and internships seriously.

In the event that you have already completed relevant college courses, your next goal is to speak with employers. Start with the companies you most want to work with, and go down the list from there. Keep in mind that you may not get the job of your dreams at the start, but any experience in the material coordinator role will help you reach your goals in the long run.

Call each company and ask about available positions. If you happen to find a company that is hiring for a different job than material coordinator, but it is a high priority company, go in for the interview anyway. You may be able to start in a lower or entirely different position and work your way up to eventually become a material coordinator later. This is also the best way to enter the field without a college degree, because it allows you to learn a company and its practices from the inside.

You may find that none of the companies on your list are hiring. Continue your job search by checking newspaper classifieds and online job boards for positions in the field. If you are a recent college grad, schools often post job openings on a bulletin board on campus as well as on the school website.



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