How Do I Become a Marketing Assistant?

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A marketing assistant is a professional who assists in increasing profitability of products and services by creating brands, improving public image, and communicating with the press. An assistant normally works for marketing managers and executives. He or she is not often responsible for developing and implementing marketing campaigns, but may gather market research data and run campaigns guided by executive decisions. To become a marketing assistant, it can be helpful to first get the proper education. It may be necessary to compose a cover letter and resume and to attend job interviews with potential employers.

In most regions, you do not need any certain degree or certification to become a marketing assistant. Keep in mind that marketing does require a skills set and an understanding of certain principles. Some individuals gain marketing experience through internships and volunteer work and are able to demonstrate certain levels of proficiency through these opportunities alone. Most people, however, study marketing in school and may even earn graduate degrees.

A degree in marketing can help you to become a marketing assistant by providing you with necessary skills, but it can also improve your image. In competitive job markets, a graduate degree can set you apart from the competition. A degree from a prestigious university and reference letters from esteemed faculty members can make you a more desirable job candidate to employers who believe that only the most promising students graduate from your program.


You can expect to have to compose a cover letter and resume to become a marketing assistant. A cover letter is a brief introduction about you to a potential employer. It should state how you heard about an open position, which skills you have developed, and why you are the best candidate for a job. Most cover letters are no longer than a page.

Most resumes should also be limited to a page in length and should be a more detailed listing of your employment and education experience. Also include specific skills you developed at each job. Publications, awards, and recognitions should also be listed at the bottom of a resume. To appear focused, include only that information that can be applied to a marketing profession, such as published articles about advertising and academic marketing honors.

If your resume is chosen by a manager or human resource representative, you may be called in for an interview. In most cases, you can expect to sit through several interviews with executives and managers from different levels and departments. It can be a good idea to research a company prior to an interview, this way you can tailor answers to interview questions to meet the needs of a company and of a marketing position.



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