How do I Become a Manufacturing Technician?

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A person who wants to become a manufacturing technician may need some college education or simply the ability to do precise work, understand some math, be able to follow directions, and possess a high school diploma. These workers in manufacturing have different hiring and job training requirements depending on the area in which they work. Those preparing to work in this field are probably best off getting preparation that would land them jobs with any company, unless they can immediately begin work in this field without getting any training.

Some companies demand that any potential employees who would become a manufacturing technician possess an AA or associate of arts degree, or an AS, which is an associate of science degree. Studies for either degree typically involve meeting a number of general education requirements and also taking electives in areas of interest. The electives a person should take include math through calculus, and science classes like physics.


Not only is getting a two-year education at a community college a good way to train to become a manufacturing technician, but it also can jumpstart a career where people can advance to higher level jobs in a company. An AA with strong math and science concentration means folks can easily continue studies and earn a BA, or BS degree in engineering or physics. Engineers typically supervise technicians and design the projects on which technicians will work, and over time many people in this field would prefer to be the ones creating instructions instead of following them, while earning a more generous salary. Additionally, many manufacturing companies will hire their manufacturing tech employees for engineering jobs if they earn a four-year degree, because they already have a strong understanding of the company’s processes.

Sometimes a company doesn’t require the AA for base level tech jobs but requires it to promote employees to higher-level tech positions. It still makes sense to get the AA or earn it while working. This way, people can reach the highest job rank or begin careers at a higher level with pay.

Companies might only require certain college or possibly high school classes. For instance, taking advance placement physics and calculus in high school is really getting college credits. A company might be satisfied with these math skills or even knowledge of basic high school algebra.

One thing anyone wanting to become a manufacturing technician needs to know is the job can require more than training. The manufacturing industry regularly requires shift flexibility, which means people might expect to work day shifts, graveyard shifts or swing shifts, and these shifts may rotate. Some companies expect employees to work ten or twelve hour shifts, and shift demands may change with market demand for company products. Moreover, manufacturing is a difficult employment field these days because of the tendency of companies to outsource work. Job security can be difficult to find, no matter how well trained an employee is.



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