How Do I Become a Manufacturing Manager?

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People who enjoy supervising the manufacturing process should become a manufacturing manager. In order to begin working in this position, it is necessary to have a lot of experience with manufacturing, with at least a few years working in a manufacturing facility generally being required. Education is not strictly necessary, but a degree can help improve your chances for successfully being promoted to the position. Leadership, communication, and decision-making skills are needed to lead others and increase the efficiency of the organization.

Manufacturing managers are responsible for increasing productivity and efficiency in their department, so it is necessary to fully understand the production process to do a good job. This occurs by working in a manufacturing facility before attempting to become a manufacturing manager, as this is the best way to gain an understanding of what occurs on a day-to day basis. While you are working in manufacturing, you should attempt to get to know your manufacturing manager, as he or she might be willing to help you succeed in your future role.

Some organizations will hire a manufacturing manager and provide him or her with on-the-job training. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure that you take advantage of it, as the training programs can be very thorough and provide you with a lot of good information. Continuing training and education is required once you are hired for the position to help you stay up-to-date.


If you work your way up from an entry-level position in manufacturing, most likely you will not need a college degree to become a manufacturing manager. Having a two-year associate's or a four-year bachelor's degree, however, greatly increases your chances to be promoted into a management position regardless of your experience in the field. Some organizations may require that managers hold master's degrees in business in order to be hired. A higher level of education, generally speaking, will provide you with greater chances for increased responsibility.

In order to become a manufacturing manager, you need to be capable of making decisions quickly and accurately. You also need to have good communication skills to deal with upper-level management and the employees who work underneath you. Leadership skills are necessary and can be learned through volunteering in the community, taking on internships in school, and attending training for managers.



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