How Do I Become a Management Trainee?

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To become a management trainee, you will need to be identified by a particular company as someone who has potential for successfully filling one of its management positions. In some cases, you can become a management trainee by being hired directly into such a position. In other cases, you may work for a company for a period of time and then be promoted to the role of management trainee. Educational requirements to become a management trainee vary by company and may include that you hold a certificate, diploma, or degree in a particular discipline. Your work as a management trainee will typically incorporate an in-house training program sponsored by your company, and there is often no guarantee that your completion of the program will actually result in your entering a management position.

Different companies have different philosophies on hiring employees to management positions. Some businesses prefer to promote employees from within their companies, while others choose to hire outsiders directly to management positions. In some cases, a company may require all new employees, whether they are on a management track or not, to work in entry-level positions for several months or even years before they can be promoted to management. Regardless of their hiring policies, many companies recognize that there is no substitute for on-the-job training for managers. As a result, most workers must become a management trainee before they can be hired to a full management position.


If you are not currently employed or you hope to become a management trainee at a company other than your current employer, you should keep your eye out for job ads that advertise management trainee programs. You should expect to have to go through a full interview and vetting process during which your credentials and job history will be scrutinized. Depending on the industry you wish to enter, you may be required to complete a degree relevant to the field. You may also be expected to obtain industry experience prior to being hired as a management trainee.

In situations where you are currently working in a non-management position at a company, find out whether it offers a management trainee program. If so, speak to your supervisor about eligibility for entering this program. Your supervisor may have some good feedback about your work performance or academic qualifications that you will need to address before you can be considered for a management position. Your company's human resources department can also be helpful in letting you know about when the business will be accepting applications for new manager positions.



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