How do I Become a Maintenance Superintendent?

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A maintenance superintendent is a man or woman who supervises repairs and upkeep of a building, factory, municipal water plant, sewer system, or another location that requires regular, careful attention. He or she is usually in charge of planning and organizing maintenance projects, as well as leading a team of professional workers in ensuring that a facility is kept clean, safe, and in proper working order. The requirements to become a maintenance superintendent vary by location and employer, though most professionals enter the occupation by obtaining at least a high school diploma, gaining experience in relevant laborer jobs, and proving their problem-solving and leadership skills.

A high school diploma or its equivalent is often a minimum qualification to become a maintenance superintendent. High school courses such as math, physics, and communications prepare individuals for maintenance work and supervisory roles in the future. A student who wants to become a maintenance superintendent can speak with his or her high school counselor to explore options and identify potential career paths.

An individual who wants to become a maintenance superintendent is usually required to have extensive experience in one or more trades related to repair work, such as plumbing, construction, welding, or electrical work. Many people spend years working in such jobs before advancing to superintendents. A person can get learn about a trade by working as an apprentice, attending courses at a vocational school, or both.


Vocational programs exist for nearly all trades related to construction and maintenance. Students usually spend one to three years in a vocational school, learning the fundamentals of a specific occupation, gaining hands-on experience, and taking certification exams for certain kinds of work. After completing a program, a graduate is usually able to find work as an apprentice or assistant, where he or she gains detailed, on-the-job training by an established worker or superintendent.

An individual who has gained experience in a trade, stands out as an excellent employee among his or her fellow workers, and displays the necessary character traits may be awarded the opportunity to become a maintenance superintendent. A prospective superintendent must possess excellent communication skills, be able to take and give directions accurately, and efficiently manage time and budgets. Computer proficiency is important as well, as many industries rely on computers and the Internet to record essential data, communicate with authorities, and input information regarding workers' schedules and raises. A person who is able to display his or her talents in a maintenance superintendent position may be able to advance even further within a company or agency, securing an office job or becoming a company executive.



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