How Do I Become a Mainframe Consultant?

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Mainframe consultants are individuals who maintain and improve technology systems software. A mainframe essentially refers to a computer — a large data processor. These types of individuals need to have strong problem-solving skills to address information technology issues and must handle pressure well. An individual who desires to become a mainframe consultant should attain four years of college training and look for opportunities to acquire real-world experience as well.

A person who seeks to become a mainframe consultant often must have a four-year degree in information systems or computer science. Some companies accept job candidates who simply have years of experience in the field, but your best employment opportunities come with a college degree. To get into a bachelor’s degree program in this industry, you have to provide a copy of your high school diploma or the equivalent certification and a completed enrollment form to your college’s admissions team. School officials also ask that you submit results from any standardized tests as well as your high school transcript.


Chief classes in a computer systems program cover technical communications and basic technology principles. You must master programming languages because an individual who plans to become a mainframe consultant needs to know how to analyze a company’s current programming code and suggest solutions that enable the business to better achieve its goals. Gaining knowledge of how computer system software and operating systems work also is relevant to this field in that you must monitor programs and fix system problems when necessary.

Project management courses are also valuable parts of training programs for those who want to enter mainframe consulting. If you would like to become a mainframe consultant, you should be able to effectively plan out computer system projects by setting up completion schedules and determining how many employees are needed to complete the tasks. In addition, you need to identify the cost of implementing new technology systems and then budget for the initiatives accordingly.

Field experience is a must in the information systems consulting field. Most employers look for mainframe consultants who have several years of experience with various types of computer network and systems strategies. Acquiring an internship constitutes the first step in building your expertise and eventually earning an entry-level industry role if you desire to become a mainframe consultant. You need to hone your understanding of the life cycle of software development as well as your ability to work in a fast-paced environment while taking advantage of your hands-on learning opportunity.



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