How do I Become a Lot Attendant?

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There are few requirements for a person who wants to become a lot attendant. The main requirement most employers have is directly related to the ability to park cars. In order to become a lot attendant, a person typically needs a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and the ability to drive different types of cars. Most employers also want lot attendants who are trustworthy, have fairly good communication skills, and basic math skills. Some may also require satisfactory results on criminal background and credit history checks before hiring lot attendants.

Generally, a person who wants to become a lot attendant won’t need any specific education or training to do so. Many employers prefer those who have earned high school diplomas, but they are often willing to hire those who have not. Experience in a customer service position, though not required, may help a person interested in this job get hired. Such experience shows that an applicant is used to communicating with customers, which can be an important part of work as a lot attendant.


A person who wants to become a lot attendant usually needs a valid driver's license. This is necessary for parking the cars that come into the lot. A driver’s license is also necessary in many self-parking lots, however. Often, this is because customers leave their keys with the attendant, and he may need to move one of the cars to make room for others or let other cars out of the lot. Knowing how to drive cars with both automatic and manual transmissions can be a plus for someone interested in this job.

Parking lot attendants usually need some basic skills. They should know how to read and write and have the basic math skills necessary for collecting payments and giving change. A person who seeks this job may need good organizational skills for keeping car claim tickets and keys organized and at the ready. He may also have to keep simple records as part of the job.

To become a lot attendant, a person may answer help-wanted ads in local newspapers or on online job boards. Some may also contact parking companies, universities, hospitals, stadiums, and concert halls to inquire about the availability of positions. Some restaurants may have job openings for lot attendants as well. Usually, a person interested in this job completes an application and waits for an interview: he may not need a resume. Some companies do, however, check references, credit, driving records, and criminal histories before hiring attendants.



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