How Do I Become a Live-In Caretaker?

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The process to become a live-in caretaker is generally simple, but there are several things you may need to acquire if you intend to work in a jurisdiction other than your native country. To become a live-in caretaker in your native country, usually all that is required is experience as a nanny or caretaker of children, along with suitable references that attest to your professionalism and ability to manage children. If you are already an experienced childcare provider and you plan to become a live-in caretaker for a family, you will need to find a client, pass at least one interview, submit to a background check and a credit check, and meet with the children to ensure that you are a good fit for the family's needs.


If you are applying to become a live-in caretaker in another country, you will have to apply for a travel or work visa for that country. The application process will vary by country, but generally you will need to meet several qualifying criteria, have no criminal history, and have a client willing to sign your visa and to allow you to live on the client's premises. For example, to become a live-in caretaker in any Canadian province, you must have a signed contract with your Canadian client. You must also have six months of training as a child care provider or provide documentation demonstrating that you have one year's worth of paid experience as a child care provider in any capacity. You may have to demonstrate at least partial fluency in French for certain Canadian jurisdictions, and you must apply for and receive a Canadian work permit.

To become a domestic live-in caretaker, you must first line up several reputable references that know how well you handle children and multiple tasks, how well you budget your time, and so forth. Make sure that each of these references know ahead of time that you are planning to use them as such and to expect calls from prospective clients. You may also need to obtain your driving record if your duties will require transporting the children in a car.

You must then search for and find a client that requires live-in child care. Generally, these clients put the word out that they are looking for a child care provider through friends and colleagues, so your networking skills may need to be sharp. Ask everyone in your network if they know anyone looking for a live-in caretaker. Many times a family will place a notice on a jobs board at a local college or university seeking a live-in child care provider. Search such boards, and go online as well to see what positions are available in the area where you want to work.



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