How do I Become a Laparoscopic Surgeon?

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A laparoscopic surgeon is one who performs critical surgeries through a small incision in the patient. In order to become a laparoscopic surgeon, it is important to first successfully complete an undergraduate degree, often in the fields of science or math, and then enter medical school. After medical school has been finished, those who want to be a laparoscopic surgeon must complete both an internship and residency. To receive the best training, internships and residencies should be done at hospitals with a good reputation for laparoscopic surgery and a highly qualified and experienced staff.

One of the most important steps to become a laparoscopic surgeon is to successfully complete an undergraduate degree in the field of science. Typically, most undergraduates who go on to become doctors graduate with a degree in biology, chemistry, mathematics, or another similarly related field. It is important for those who wish to become a laparoscopic surgeon not to simply complete the requirements for their degree, but rather to succeed academically. For best results, those who wish to pursue a degree in medicine should obtain a grade point average of at least 3.8.


In addition to successfully completely an undergraduate degree in a science-related field, all who wish to become a laparoscopic surgeon must complete medical school, which typically requires at least an additional three years. During medical school, students who wish to enter the field of laparoscopic surgery should pay special attention to classes who focus on performing non-invasive surgeries. In addition, they should thrive in class with a focus on pathophysiology, as these physicians will typically be required to have a basic understanding of the causes of the conditions that they are treating.

After the successful completion of medical school, graduates must apply for an internship. Typically, internships are all very similar in that they require students to rotate through a variety of different fields of medicine. This allows students to experience a number of different areas, and enables them to make a determination of what specific field they have the greatest interest in.

Those who are interested in becoming a laparoscopic surgeon should pay special attention during surgical rounds, especially those that consist of laparoscopic surgery. In addition, when offered the chance to volunteer in a specific area, they should choose surgery. For best results, interns should consult with laparoscopic surgeons who are currently practicing at the hospital where they are interning, in order to gain more knowledge about the field. In some cases, laparoscopic physicians will allow interns to sit in on procedures.

Once students have completed their internship, they are considered residents. As with medical school and their internship, residents must apply for positions at the specific hospital of their choice, in their desired field. Those who wish to become a laparoscopic surgeon should apply for a surgical residency, in a hospital that is well-known for high amounts of laparoscopic procedures. After working as a resident for three years in this field, the individual should have no problem getting hired as a laparoscopic surgeon at the hospital of his or her choice.



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