How do I Become a Kitchen Designer?

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To become a kitchen designer you should consider gaining either educational or professional experience in designing kitchens. You might look at schools that offer programs in interior decoration and design, preferably those that allow you to focus on particular types of rooms. It may be easier, and less expensive, for you to pursue employment at a retail location that will help you gain experience in kitchen design. Large home improvement retailers often have kitchen design departments and will train employees in certain aspects of kitchen design. This may be harder to turn into your own business, but it may be a good place to gain some experience and exposure to the industry.

With the proliferation of home improvement television programs and a renewed focus on the value of one’s property in the early 21st century, many homeowners began investing in their homes. This created a boom in the industry and many people seized this opportunity to become interior designers. You should keep this in mind, as it means you will likely have a great deal of competition in the industry. As such, you may want to find ways to set yourself apart from other people as you become a kitchen designer. Education and experience are two great ways to build a reputation and portfolio of your work to show to prospective employers.


Many schools, including smaller technical schools and major universities, offer courses and programs in interior design. You may find that you will be able to gain the knowledge and experience you need from such a program to become a kitchen designer. Even though an interior design program would likely give you knowledge of how to decorate every room in a house, the education you gain would certainly help you once you narrow your focus to kitchens. Elements such as color, shape, and use of space are just as important in a kitchen as any other room of the house, if not more so.

You might also find that getting some experience working in the retail aspect of the kitchen design profession gives you opportunities to become a kitchen designer. Major retail chains that sell home improvement supplies and appliances may also offer their customers help in remodeling a kitchen without having to hire an expensive professional. These retail stores often have employees who work with templates, samples, and drawings to work on the design of a customer’s kitchen and help them remodel. Working in this type of department could give you many of the skills you need to become a kitchen designer, and you would be paid for the experience.



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