How Do I Become a Job Recruiter?

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If you want to become a job recruiter, you'll need to get the right mix of education, experience, and knowledge. Candidates for job recruiting positions should have excellent communication skills and be comfortable working with a diverse group of people. In addition, an individual hoping to become a job recruiter should network with others in the field and seek out open positions.

Educational requirements will vary depending on the employer. While a college degree is not required for all positions, those hoping to become job recruiters can get a leg up on the competition by obtaining a related degree. Options include pursuing an education in business, labor relations, or human resources management. Coursework focused on management, psychology, and labor law are also valuable for an individual working to become a job recruiter.

Job recruitment professionals are considered to be a part of the human resources field. Experience in this field, such as in personnel management, can help you as you work to become a job recruiter. Candidates can take advantage of internship and work study programs offered during post-secondary education programs. Other options include gaining related, but valuable, experience through positions in education, business, and social services.


General knowledge and the ability to complete the tasks and responsibilities related to the position are also essential. A candidate hoping to become a job recruiter should understand how to organize files, use common office equipment, and operate computer software programs. Candidates should also be able to maintain the privacy of both their clients and the prospective employees that they manage.

Beyond requirements related to education, experience, and general knowledge, job recruitment specialists should be able to communicate with a diverse client base. Matching job candidates with employer openings is the main responsibility of a job recruiter. To ensure they make the right decision, job recruitment specialists should have good communication skills. These skills, including active listening, can help recruiters identify the needs of the client and find candidates with the appropriate skills and experience for the opening.

After successfully meeting the requirements for the position, candidates hoping to become job recruiters should seek out networking opportunities and look for open positions. Job fairs and hiring events are options for those looking to work for temporary agencies and professional headhunter firms. Other opportunities exist through professional organizations related to the field of human resources, magazines related to the field, and trade show or industry events focused on human resources.



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