How Do I Become a Janitorial Supervisor?

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If you want to become a janitorial supervisor, there are many things you can do to realize this aspiration. In addition to proactively taking steps toward your goal, you should also possess many types of specific skills that will go a long way in this profession. A few great characteristics of supervisors are leadership skills, the ability to effectively communicate, and organization. Other steps to take to become a janitorial supervisor are gaining experience and continuing your education.

Although some people are generally complacent, there are ways to work on certain interpersonal skills that may be beneficial if you become a janitorial supervisor. Supervisors must oversee the work of others. This requires disciplinary action, motivation of employees, and effective communication.

In order to perform these duties, you need to perpetually work on such interpersonal skills. You can take classes, consult with personality experts, or just consciously improve your abilities on a daily basis. All of these things can help you become a better communicator and an improved supervisor in the process.

The best supervisors have experience in the field they are supervising. Although first being a janitor is not necessary to become a janitorial supervisor, it certainly helps. Sometimes, doctors at hospitals, for example, have a hard time taking orders from clinical managers with no health care experience, and knowing what you are doing as a janitor before telling others how to best do their jobs can go a long way.


There really is no shortcut to gaining experience. The best way to go is to just do it. Apply for janitorial positions, and if you can't get a job, offer to volunteer or shadow until something opens up. Putting yourself in the field will help you understand and relate to janitors better, which can help if you want to become a janitorial supervisor.

Education really is the key to improvement in any field. No one person knows everything, and having the humility to sign up for instruction or classes is one of the best things someone can do to further a career. In addition to becoming more knowledgeable, there may be certifications or degrees available for those interested as well. If you take enough courses, you will certainly better your chances of becoming a janitorial supervisor, and if you achieve your goal, you will be more suited to fulfill the position responsibilities.

The rewarding and important career that is a janitorial supervisor is more obtainable than you realize. If you gain experience and work on the necessary skills for effective supervision, you can become a janitorial supervisor. Remember to complement your experience and skill sets with ongoing education pertaining to employee supervision. Following these steps will help you succeed in any employment situation, particularly one involving janitorial supervision.



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