How Do I Become a Human Resources Advisor?

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A human resources advisor is a professional who hires and trains employees at an organization. This type of professional should have solid organizational skills, as well as strong interpersonal communication skills. Good verbal and written communication skills also are a must in this field. A person who wishes to become a human resources advisor must be prepared to complete at least four years of college training, although about six years of schooling best prepares individuals for a leadership role in the industry.

An individual who seeks to become a human resources advisor should complete a bachelor’s degree program in an area such as human resource management or business administration with a specialization in human resources. You should submit a completed application for admission as well as a copy of your high school diploma or the equivalent certification to your potential higher education institution of choice. In addition, you must provide the school with a transcript of your previous high school courses and information regarding scores on recently taken standardized tests before you can start training to become a human resources advisor.


Entering the human resources industry requires that you complete core courses on a wide range of topics. These subjects include the fundamentals of organizational communication, which a human resources advisor must master in order to share important company information with employees and introduce new initiatives effectively. Business statistics courses teach you how to track and interpret data, which you will use to interpret information such as employee absences. A management course will prepare a person who desires to become a human resources advisor to lead groups of people as well.

Aspiring human resources professionals also can complete a hands-on internship in this field. This practical experience opportunity will give you the chance to help hire new employees, run background checks, and lead training sessions for employees. You also should spend time researching trends in human resources and helping to administer benefits programs, which are required to successfully become a human resources advisor. Internship opportunities are available at organizations in virtually any industry, as well as at big human resource consulting firms.

You can increase your chances of claiming a human resources manager job by earning your graduate school degree. You should consider completing a two-year master’s degree program in human resource management, which will prepare you to take on more leadership responsibilities at an organization. These types of programs also will require you to complete a research thesis project before you can graduate. In addition, you can seek certification in the industry to improve your employment opportunities.



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