How Do I Become a Housing Manager?

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The role of a housing manager is usually one that encompasses being in charge of a residential building block or another type of residential area, and someone who wants to become a housing manager needs to have a few qualities and experiences in order to make his or her way into the role. Housing manager requirements include a relevant education, experience in the field, the correct attitude and a willingness to work unsociable hours. You must also have the patience to wait for the correct opening to appear, because positions become available over the course of a year for someone to become a housing manager.

When it comes to education, someone who wants to become a housing manager should possess a good educational background, with a degree in a relevant subject being a preferable quality. Some subjects that would be good for studying to gain this position are public relations, facilities management, business studies and property management. If you do not have these educational attributes, the best course of action is to begin in a junior position and attempt to work through the hierarchy to eventually become a housing manager.


If you want to become a housing manager, you should also try to gain some experience in the field, which is best done through work placements during your education. This will allow the prospective employer to see that you have an interest in the field and will let you prove that you are a hard worker and willing to learn to become the best in your chosen field. It will also allow you to develop knowledge of the field that you can use to get your new career off to the best possible start.

When it comes to attitude, if you want to become a housing officer, you need to have a thick skin. This is because you will be dealing with people all day, often fielding their complaints, and they could even become angry with the answers that you give. This is part of the job, and those who can’t take some confrontation should probably not consider this career as a viable one. Attitude is also important because you will find that housing manager duties encompass many types of roles, some of which will be less glamorous than others, which will mean that you need to just get on with it and get the job done.

This role could also lead to you being on call at all times of the day, which means that if you want to become a housing manager, you should expect to work at any hour you are needed. Housing managers can also work very long hours if there is a specific problem, so you should be prepared to miss out on sleep regularly. Becoming a housing manager does mean losing out on some social aspects of your life because of this uncertain working pattern.

If you want to become a housing manager, you should also be patient. There are not many housing manager jobs advertised, which means that when they are available, they are likely to get a lot of applications. Be patient, and if you really want to become a housing manager, you should have the staying power to keep applying until you get the job.



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