How Do I Become a Housing Coordinator?

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To become a housing coordinator, you first may want to define the kind of housing coordinator role you would most prefer. If you are interested in helping homeless individuals find permanent homes and assisting them in making difficult adjustments, then you can begin your career path by earning a degree in social work. Individuals who would like to work in nursing homes and perform administrative duties can benefit from nursing certification. People who want to enter the hospitality industry may not need specialized training, though they usually benefit from experience as landlords or building managers.

In order to become a housing coordinator who helps the homeless, you should earn an undergraduate degree in social work. Many organizations prefer job applicants who also have post-graduate degrees in this field. A minimum of three years of experience doing similar work also can be required of aspiring housing coordinators. Organizations seeking housing coordinators often ask that job applicants are comfortable with relevant software and are familiar with the communities in which they might work, as well as with resources available for homeless individuals seeking permanent living conditions.


Coordinators in the medical field might be responsible for documenting residents' conditions and treatments. For this reason, nursing certification often is required to become a housing coordinator of an institution such as a nursing home or mental health facility. Professionals who earn these positions normally have years of experience performing administrative duties and working closely with certain populations, such as the elderly or the mentally ill.

If you would like to become a housing coordinator in the hospitality industry, you may not need to earn a particular degree. Professionals in this field are normally responsible for making sure that tenants are satisfied with services and living conditions. Experience as a landlord or building manager can be helpful for an individual hoping to work in this field.

Regardless of the kind of housing coordinator you would like to become, you can expect to compose a resume. This is a document, generally no longer than a page, that lists all of your relevant educational and job experience. Beneath each instance of experience, you should list corresponding skills you acquired and practiced.

Employers who believe that your resume is promising might ask you to come in for an interview. To become a housing coordinator, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with a potential employer prior to an interview. Learn about an organization's values, specializations, and history. This knowledge can help you to provide answers to interview questions that illustrate your interest in a position.



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