How do I Become a Homeopathic Physician?

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The precise steps needed to become a homeopathic physician may vary according to where you live, as well as where you intend to practice. In some parts of the world you may need homeopathy certification, while other countries may allow you to practice without certification or a license. In order to become a homeopathic physician that offers quality care, however, you will most certainly need to rigorously study homeopathic subjects and, preferably, undergo certified homeopathy training.

Enrolling in training to become a homeopathic physician sometimes requires prior coursework at a university. Some programs prefer students interested in homeopathy courses to have completed certain college-level courses, such as in science, as well as a certain number of college credits before being granted admission to a homeopathy certification program. Not all programs have this requirement, however, so you will need to research the specific admission standards of different programs if you plan on obtaining certification.

When choosing a training program to become a homeopathic physician, start with a list of schools accredited by trusted homeopathic organizations. Some programs are very intensive and may take two to five years to complete. Not all schools offer the same course of instruction, however, so take your time in scrutinizing each program and carefully select the right one after comparing what each has to offer, as well as the success rate of students who have graduated from the homeopathy schools you are considering.


In the United States, there is no licensing process offered for a person to become a homeopathic physician. Certain homeopathic organizations, however, do offer certification after students have been educated through any number of accredited homeopathy courses. Besides training, certification standards often require individuals hoping to become a homeopathic physician to also publish journal articles, as well.

Some people become a homeopathic physician after training as a traditional medical doctor first. In doing so, individuals are fully trained in medical sciences and take individual courses in homeopathy in order to assist patients in holistic healing methods. In some states in America, licensing offered to work in homeopathy is only granted to doctors of osteopathy and medical doctors. Others, such as chiropractors, dentists, veterinarians and nurses often receive homeopathic training along with the training for their particular professions. While this training does not necessarily result in one working as a homeopathic doctor, it is how some enter the field after years of working in another medical discipline.



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