How do I Become a Help Desk Manager?

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To become a help desk manager it is generally necessary to work on a help desk for a period of time. It does not always need to be the help desk of the same business for which you want to become a manager, but a few years of experience on a help desk is virtually always necessary. Though there are not any specific educational requirements in order to become a help desk manager, many pursue associate's or bachelor's degrees in technology or business, among other related fields.

The best way to become a help desk manager is to begin as a help desk technician or support specialist. Demonstrate your ability to be successful in the position, and your superiors will be more likely to notice and promote you. The most important part of being a successful member of the team working on a help desk is to provide excellent customer service, and to make sure that every customer's question is answered.

Help desks exist for many different types of businesses, and the people calling in may be customers, co-workers, or even your superiors, so keep that in mind and always be polite and helpful. It is important to be able to explain difficult concepts clearly and calmly, and to remain calm when stressed or busy. Simply getting experience in customer service and dealing with a wide range of problems is the best way to learn.


In addition to providing excellent customer service, your attitude on the job and ability to work with others are important when you want to become a help desk manager. Always arrive at work on time, dressed appropriately, and with a good attitude. Offer to help others as needed, and go above and beyond what is expected of you. Someone who consistently displays self motivation and leadership skills is a good candidate to become a help desk manager.

Before you become a help desk manager, you might first become a help desk supervisor. In this role, you may be asked to deal with difficult customers with whom the other help desk technicians are having problems, or you may need to help schedule staff to cover lunch breaks or vacation days. Again, these are important skills to learn, and will help you to become a better help desk manager when you eventually receive that promotion. Remember to express your interest in becoming a manager to your superiors; once they know you are interested, they may begin looking more closely at you to see if you would be a good fit.



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