How Do I Become a Helicopter Mechanic?

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In order to become a helicopter mechanic, it is necessary to have training in the subject matter. Training occurs both in the classroom and during hands-on activities that provide knowledge of tools, equipment and machinery. It is important to be interested in helicopters and have an aptitude for mechanical work to become a helicopter mechanic. Another option is to learn through an apprenticeship program, which enables you to earn money while learning about fixing and maintaining helicopters.

Training programs are available in aviation schools that also specialize in airplane mechanics. These are generally offered through trade schools and community colleges, but some are offered as four-year undergraduate degrees in aviation. Classes in these programs include electronics, science, mathematics and mechanics. Programs generally last for two to three years and provide thousands of hours of hands-on training, which is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to become a helicopter mechanic. Upon graduation, you complete an examination to become a helicopter mechanic with certification.


Apprenticeship programs are also offered to provide training to become a helicopter mechanic, but this approach is less common. After working a certain number of hours under the supervision of a certified helicopter mechanic, an individual is prepared to take the examination to become certified. The problem with this approach is that the training and education is often less complete than those that occur at an accredited school. It is possible to contact facilities that fix helicopters to find out if they offer any type of mechanics programs.

A high school diploma is required to become a helicopter mechanic, so individuals should determine during their high school years whether they have an aptitude for mechanics. This can be done by taking classes in science, math and mechanics during school. Other important qualities include the ability to communicate well with others and to work well under pressure. A confident attitude is also important because helicopter mechanics need to be sure of themselves and the work they are doing to ensure safety of the helicopter.

Once school or training has been completed, an individual can look for jobs in the industry by contacting police departments, healthcare facilities and airports to find out about job openings. Many facilities use helicopters and need mechanics available to work on their equipment. Individuals that attend a training program are often referred to potential employers by the school, where they will fill out applications and present the required materials to become a helicopter mechanic.



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