How Do I Become a Gym Receptionist?

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Gym receptionists are individuals who greet and meet the needs of customers who arrive at gyms. These individuals must be able to multi-task in busy settings as well as enjoy helping others who are striving to stay in shape. If you want to become a gym receptionist, you can complete college courses that cover office and computer-related duties. You additionally should pursue an internship to hone your skills in this field.

A person who aspires to become a gym receptionist should consider completing a one-year receptionist certificate program at a community college or vocational school. Even though many employers look for job applicants who simply have completed high school-level training, finishing college courses in this career area makes you even more attractive. Requirements to get into this type of training program include sending in your high school diploma or the equivalent certification along with your high school transcript. Your chosen school’s admission team also will demand to see a completed enrollment application as well as your standardized exam results.


Office-related courses prepare you to complete a myriad of tasks in this vocational area. You should study how to answer telephone calls using proper etiquette as well as how to use customer service skills to greet gym guests, as you will perform these duties when you become a gym receptionist. Other duties that you need to practice include maintaining a record of when different visitors sign in and out, as well as helping to resolve guest complaints.

Computer and technology classes teach you other skills that you will use when you enter this industry. For instance, you need to master software programs that allow you to draft correspondence and other business-related communications such as marketing materials and reports, as this is a responsibility that you will likely have to undertake in a role in this field. Mastering the use of office equipment such as copy and fax machines also is necessary when striving to become a gym receptionist.

Hiring managers in this line of work often look for job applicants who have field experience, so completing an internship is helpful. You can contact gyms in your local area to find out which ones are willing to allow you to train there. Your internship gives you the chance to sharpen your skills with selling gym services and products to clients, as well as making sure that the company’s workout area remains attractive to guests. If you prove to your supervisor that you can be pleasant, organized, and assertive, the organization might want to hire you to become a gym receptionist there permanently.



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Post 3

@SarahGen-- I agree that customer service experience is more important than certification. But if someone plans to move ahead in this field and has aspirations to run/manage a gym one day, education is necessary as well.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- I worked as a gym receptionist when I was in college. I wasn't certified but I did have job experience and I also got on-the-job training which is how I learned my duties.

I don't think it's necessary to be certified to be a good gym receptionist. It's more important to be professional and to have good communication skills. I think that a gym receptionist should also have an interest in fitness because it's easier to learn about the equipment and services provided at the gym.

When I was a gym receptionist, I didn't just sign up people for memberships, answer phone calls and give towels. I also showed around potential customers and gave them information about

the equipment.

We also had fitness classes at the gym and I helped with those. I sent out weekly emails about classes, membership deals and so forth. We also sold exercise equipment, books and DVDs. So there were a lot of different tasks involved and I rarely had the chance to sit around and do nothing.

Post 1

I think that there is a great need for certified gym receptionists. The gym I go to keeps changing receptionists because they have a hard time finding good ones.

The receptionists are usually high school students and they don't really know how to answer phone calls and greet people. They say hi when I go in but do little else. They don't know much about the equipment and seem to be sitting and chatting whenever I see them.

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