How Do I Become a GMAT® Tutor?

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One of the benefits of working to become a GMAT® tutor is the extra income that can be earned while working to help students prepare for their future. The GMAT® tests both math and English skills and is commonly used as an admission requirement for graduate programs in business management. In order to become a GMAT® tutor, most employers want you to have taken the exam yourself and achieved a score in the top percentage. Although teaching experience is not required, you must be able to effectively teach test taking strategies.

The first step to become a GMAT® tutor is to take the exam yourself, although individuals rarely take the exam with the sole goal of tutoring. The test is typically taken in order to be admitted to a graduate program. You may be able to find a company that will allow you to become a GMAT® tutor without having taken the exam; unfortunately, these companies are often not widely recognized and may not pay as well as companies that exclusively hire individuals with past GMAT® success. If you decide to attempt to become a GMAT® tutor without taking the exam, you will likely have to produce college transcripts to prove high grades in English and mathematics.


Before applying for jobs to become a GMAT® tutor, research and become very familiar with practical test taking strategies. There is a particular formula used for multiple choice exams, and you will need to be able to help students recognize the formula and apply the strategy to select the best answer. You will need to be able to teach students that scoring in the top percent requires more than just using the process of elimination to answer questions.

When looking for a job, you can start by contacting tutoring companies your area. When you call, inquire about teaching opportunities as well as the company's requirements for tutoring positions. If there are no services in your area, you may want to consider becoming an independent GMAT® tutor. You can advertise your services and manage your own tutoring service.

If you decide to become a GMAT® tutor and manage your own service, you will have to market your services on college campuses as well as online. You will be able to tutor students independently and work a schedule that fits into your life. One key to offering independent GMAT® tutoring services is to charge a rate that is competitive with comparable tutoring services.



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