How Do I Become a Global Category Manager?

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Global category managers are individuals who oversee companies’ efforts to market various groups of products around the world while striving to be cost-efficient. If you would like to become a global category manager, you should complete four years of undergraduate training and gain internship experience. In addition, earning an advanced degree improves your chances of becoming employed in this industry.

A person who wishes to become a global category manager needs to complete at least a four-year bachelor’s degree in an area such as business. To get into this type of educational program, you have to turn in your high school diploma or the equivalent certification along with your high school transcript. The university of your choosing will also ask to see a completed enrollment form as well as your most recent standardized test scores.

Business operation courses teach you the skills necessary to be successful in this career area. For example, you need to study topics such as strategic planning as well as marketing principles. This is important if you seek to become a global category manager because this type of professional is responsible for helping an organization to enhance its supply chain, or the way the business uses technology and employees to transform raw goods into final products for customers. He or she has to understand how to manage the promotion of groups of similar products in an establishment, such as linens or toiletries in a department store, to ensure that they are profitable so that the company remains competitive in the marketplace.

Completing an internship provides you with real-world experience that will prove valuable when you begin searching for jobs in this vocational area. You can contact your college’s career services department to learn about companies near you that are willing to work with someone who aims to become a global category manager. While working as an intern, you need to help your organization to save money as it markets its products. Your goal also should be to sharpen your skills with negotiating global contracts, another important duty of a professional in this field.

Even though acquiring a bachelor’s degree is sufficient to claim a role in this industry, employers often prefer a job applicant who has earned a two-year master’s degree. Enrolling in this type of program involves turning in your graduate school entrance exam scores along with your bachelor’s degree program transcript. You also must fill out the school’s admission application before you can begin advanced training to become a global category manager. A graduate program teaches you in-depth business and marketing concepts and requires that you complete an extensive research project prior to graduation.


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