How Do I Become a Front Office Executive?

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In order to become a front office executive, it is a good idea to get some basic business communication training. Professionals in this field normally are not required to earn college degrees, though professional certification in a subject such as office management can be a valuable credential. Many front office executives find that relevant job experience is more important than formal academic training. For this reason, it can be a good idea to take a position as a customer service representative or a receptionist. If you hope to work in a particular industry, such as hospitality, for example, you can benefit from working in a hotel or restaurant.

A front office executive is a professional who communicates directly with clients and ensures that all services meet a certain standard of quality. This is a leadership position, so front office executives are sometimes also responsible for overseeing the performances of other customer service professionals, front desk workers, cleaning staff, and any worker who is directly responsible for providing services to customers. A front office executive might also be responsible for collecting and tracking payments from clients and paying for services that a business receives.


An individual who would like to become a front office executive should be very good at communicating with others. He or she should have a good grasp of business etiquette and understand the importance of making customers feel comfortable and satisfied. This kind of professional should also have excellent managerial skills. Most are comfortable using computers and performing data entry tasks.

An individual who would like to become a front office executive can benefit from having some formal academic training. While a college degree may not be required, an aspiring front office executive can certainly find work more easily if he or she has some kind of degree or certificate that proves an understanding of business etiquette and the major tenets of customer service and management. Aspiring professionals who wish to work in certain industries, such as in the medical field, might benefit from certification that pertains specifically to medical administration.

While you are studying for your degree or certification — or after you receive such a credential — it is advisable that you take a front office job. In order to become a front office executive, it is often essential that you prove that you are able to perform basic front office tasks, such as answering phones, filing client information, and politely communicating with customers. You might want to acquire as much experience as possible performing these duties by finding an employer you like and keeping a position for at least three or four years to demonstrate proficiency and dedication.



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