How do I Become a Freelance Travel Writer?

To become a freelance travel writer you need to have a love and passion for traveling and seeing new places and a desire to write about your experiences. You may want to consider having an educational background in writing or language; this can make it easier to land your first few jobs as a freelance writer. It can also be beneficial to start doing some travel writing for yourself, such as by starting a traveling blog, and using this to demonstrate your talents. You can then become a freelance travel writer by finding clients who will pay you to travel and write about your experiences.

Just about anyone can become a freelance travel writer as long as they have the aptitude for traveling and describing their experiences in unique and interesting ways. A particular educational background is typically not required to become a freelance travel writer, though you might consider some courses in language arts or writing. You may want to receive a degree in English or creative writing, as this can help you when you are trying to find work without having any prior professional experience. Depending on where you want to travel, you might also consider taking classes in one or more foreign languages and learning about other cultures before visiting them.


It can be quite helpful when trying to become a freelance travel writer to begin traveling whenever you have the opportunity. You can take vacations or look for opportunities in school or work that will send you to visit other countries and locations. A love of traveling is fairly essential for someone looking to become a freelance travel writer, so you should be sure that it is a lifestyle you want to embrace. You can also use these experiences as an opportunity to begin growing your portfolio by writing about your travel experiences.

If you are already working in a profession that requires a great deal of travel on your part, for example, then you might use your current experiences and start writing about it on a blog or similar platform. This can help you become a freelance travel writer by demonstrating your abilities to prospective clients. You will need to find companies or publications that are interested in hiring a travel writer and then apply to provide your services. Finding your first gig as a freelance writer can be somewhat difficult, and you may find it easier to become a freelance travel writer if you can provide examples of your work, even if you were not paid for those examples.



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