How Do I Become a Freelance Architect?

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To become a freelance architect, you should start by obtaining the educational foundation that any architect needs. This usually includes a bachelor's degree, though a master's degree often is recommended. Once you have the right architectural training, you should get your license in the field, along with pertinent certifications that can help you to stand out from other architects. After you meet the main freelance architect requirements, you should look for clients using a variety of networking tools, including building a website, utilizing online bidding sites, and distributing business cards, all of which are common methods of reaching out to people who may need an architect.

The first step to becoming a freelance architect is to obtain the proper education, which tends to be a bachelor's degree in architecture. Many schools have this major, which may require you to take classes such as project management and planning, and those that teach the use of computer programs pertinent to the field. You also may need to complete an internship so you get experience in an architectural firm before graduating. If you wish to increase your chances of success when you become a freelance architect, then you should consider getting a master's degree in this subject, because clients may be impressed by your advanced education. This likely will be especially helpful if your bachelor's degree is in a subject other than architecture.


Once you have the proper education, you should find out if the area in which you live requires you to be licensed, as many do. This usually means that you must pass a test before you can become a freelance architect. In many cases, renewing your license requires you first to take continuing education classes or attend seminars that help you remain updated in the field. One optional move is to become certified in some aspect of architecture once you get your license, which may be particularly impressive to clients. This option usually requires that you have a few years of experience in this subject, and you typically need to pass another test before being certified.

Among the most important parts of the journey to become a freelance architect is finding clients. Setting up a website often is a primary step, because clients can find you when they need architectural work done. You also can be proactive by searching for clients online; as of 2001, there are various websites that allow you to bid on working on architectural projects. Handing out business cards with your contact information and contacting companies that may need your services also can help you get some clients once you become a freelance architect.



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