How Do I Become a Foreman?

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The specific steps you will need to take to become a foreman may differ depending on the industry in which you hope to work. You will need to decide what skills you want to learn, as you will need to learn a trade thoroughly to be considered for a foreman position. Construction foremen, for example, will have a different skill set than a demolition or metal working foreman. Once you have decided what skills you intend to learn, you will more than likely need to work your way up from the bottom to become a foreman.

Start early if possible; take shop classes in high school and be sure to graduate. Once you have graduated, you may want to consider taking some college courses in management so you have the skills and experience necessary to become a foreman at some point in the future. It may also be wise to attend a vocational or trade school to begin developing the skills and knowledge necessary to become a skilled laborer. Once you have acquired sufficient knowledge in the field, look for a job as a skilled or unskilled laborer with a construction company or other business within your field.


You may need to start at the bottom and work several years in laborer positions before you can become a foreman. Work hard during this time and continue to demonstrate your ability to manage employees, interact positively with coworkers and your bosses, and stick with a job until its completion. If you demonstrate these skills, it is likely you will become a foreman eventually, as other managers will hopefully notice your skills and take advantage of them by promoting you.

Of course, no employers will promote you to such a position if you do not make it known that you want to become a foreman. Talk to your bosses and ask them what steps you should take to work your way into such a position. Do not be afraid to declare your intentions, but be sure you are taking concrete steps toward your goal rather than just pestering your bosses for a promotion. Take management courses, read about current trends and changes within the industry, and educate yourself and others about new skills and techniques. The more you know about the industry as well as management techniques, the more likely you will be to secure a position as a foreman. Look for open positions within your company as well as with other companies, and have a professional resumé ready to be sent.



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