How Do I Become a Foreclosure Attorney?

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In order to become a foreclosure attorney, you will have to first successfully complete an undergraduate degree, then attend law school and meet the professional requirements to practice law. These requirements may include passing a bar examination or working under the direct supervision of a recognized and experienced legal professional. If a professional examination is required, you can expect to spend many hours to preparing for the passage of the exam. You can expand your knowledge by taking additional courses and attending workshops covering the foreclosure process.

Although you do not have to major in pre-law to apply the law school, you will need to have achieved impressive academic credentials while pursuing your undergraduate education. Law school admission is competitive and most law schools only admit the best and brightest. Once you are admitted to law school, you will have to study hard to remain enrolled in the law program. Following law school, you will need to dedicate many hours to prepare yourself to become a foreclosure attorney.

To prepare for the career, you will need to obtain as much knowledge and experience with foreclosure as possible. Whether you plan to work for a firm or work independently, your clients will expect that you have up-to-date knowledge of the complete legal process. In order to gain the confidence and trust of your clients, you need to be informed and confident in your ability to help reach a favorable outcome.


When you become a foreclosure attorney, you will be working within a sub-specialty of bankruptcy and real estate law. If possible, you should attend a law school that posses a comprehensive real estate law curriculum. It is wise take advantage of any opportunity to take electives in the field of finance to prepare you for the financial aspects of foreclosure. Completing an internship with a financial institution or government agency that oversees or regulates foreclosure will also be valuable to your goal to become a foreclosure attorney.

To be successful in the career, you should have the ability to think logically an analytically. You should also have an affinity for real estate and finance. In order to properly assist clients, you will often have to overcome the bureaucracy that often plagues that the foreclosure process. When you become a foreclosure attorney, you may work to advocate the interest of lenders or borrowers.



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