How do I Become a Floral Designer?

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If you want to become a floral designer, you should have a passion for flowers as well as art and color. You'll also need to develop a sense of color, design and texture that is pleasing to the eye. Taking art courses is certainly a good idea, as is working in a retail flower store. You should have fun experimenting with creating flower arrangements in your own home as well as gifts for friends. As you gain experience, you'll learn to understand what works best when arranging flowers, grouping plants, creating centerpieces and designing wreaths.

Taking a post-secondary program in floral design is a good idea if you're in college or are planning to go. However, if your ultimate goal to become a floral designer includes having your own business, then you'll also need management skills training. Even if a degree program isn't possible for you, don't give up your aspirations for floral design; the most important thing is talent, dedication, originality and experience in the field. You'll need perseverance to start getting experience working for others, but you can do this by creating your own arrangements for family and friends while photographing the results to use as your marketing tools.


Having a website with a portfolio of your floral creations is a professional way to display your skills if you want to become a floral designer. Make sure potential clients will be impressed enough with what they see to contact you. Pay attention to spelling and website content, not only how good your floral design photos look. Having business cards printed that include your website address can get potential customers, as well as potential employers, to look at your online portfolio.

Attending a small floral design school with a good reputation may be a good alternative to a university degree program. Choosing a school that includes working in a real flower shop as part of the program could give you an advantage in finding work. Make sure to compare the cost of the school's program to the job advantages and training you'd receive. You could speak with flower shop managers in your area and ask them which schools or programs they would recommend.

Approaching flower stores and wholesale nurseries with a request for an interview can help you in your quest to become a floral designer. Keep on creating floral arrangements with flowers in season for your own needs as well as for family and friends. Being original and creative while also learning on the job in entry-level flower shop positions can provide you with good career development as a floral designer.



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