How do I Become a Flash&Reg; Animator?

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If you want to become a Flash® animator, you should plan to earn a bachelor's degree in graphic arts, design, or animation. Though not all employers require candidates to have a degree of any kind, the amount of competition for these types of jobs continues to increase each year. Many employers look for applicants who have some type of degree simply to create a candidate pool that is filled with people who have a solid educational background.

Even if you do not want to go to college, you should plan to acquire some training in animation or design if you want to become a Flash® animator. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to find work without being able to prove to potential employers that you have the ability to perform the job. Some employers look for candidates that have at least four or five years of practical work experience. In some cases, having the appropriate educational credentials may help you find a job, even if you do not have the relevant work experience to go along with it.


To be marketable, you need to have proficient skills in working with a variety of different kinds of graphics software. When learning to use such programs, keep in mind that there are several different types of software that employers may want you to use. It is likely that a potential employer will ask you to demonstrate your ability to use and manipulate animations using Flash®. Candidates may also be asked to have some experience working with animation scripts.

For most jobs, you need to have excellent communication skills. Ideal candidates for these jobs can work well with others, and can function at high capacity as a productive member of a team. Very few opportunities exist that will allow you to become a Flash® animator and work independently. Individuals who prefer a more solitary environment should probably consider a different career path in order to be happy and fulfilled at work.

The majority of Flash® animation positions are in fast-paced environments, so potential candidates need to keep this in mind before seriously considering this career path. If you are comfortable working under pressure, and with tight deadlines, you may be a good candidate to become a Flash® animator. In some situations, you could be asked to work extended hours in order to work on last-minute projects, or to meet deadlines that have suddenly changed.



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