How Do I Become a Financial Agent?

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A financial agent is often times referred to as a financial consultant or advisor. Those people that want to become a financial agent must be aware of the true reality of what a financial agent does. While most people think a financial agent simply consults clients on how to invest their money, this is not true. The number one duty a financial agent performs is selling his or her services, usually for some type of fee. Many times, a person will benefit extremely from having a psychology degree when desiring to become a financial agent, as the person will counsel clients just as much as he or she advises them.

Any person who wishes to become a certified financial agent should note he or she will have to complete a course of study, most likely from an accredited college. Along with completing this type of course study, the person will have to take a two-day exam. Most companies looking to hire a certified financial agent will not hire anyone with certification unless the person has three previous years of work experience as well. Many people believe big financial firms require their financial agents to be certified, however, this is not always true. In fact, many big firms will develop their own licensing training program, not certification, which often times lasts for longer than 30 weeks.


The public usually prefers for a financial agent to hold certification, especially those who desire to open a financial consulting business. Obtaining financial agent education and certification will not guarantee someone’s success, but it most definitely can help a person learn how to effectively consult and advise clients, and, even more importantly, sell his or her services. There are many different types of degrees a person can complete in order to become a financial agent. These often include a degree within Finance, Computer Science, Accounting, Commerce, Economics, or others.

There is an entirely different meaning between becoming a financial agent and becoming a successful financial agent. In order to become successful in this line of work, a person must be dedicated to the work. In addition to working, the financial agent must continually educate himself or herself on financial laws. The most important skill a financial agent should possess is the ability to listen. Through a financial agent’s ability to listen, he or she can successfully fulfill clients’ wants and needs.



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