How Do I Become a Drain Commissioner?

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In many areas of the United States, you are not required to posses any specialized training or skills in order to become a drain commissioner. While this is typically an elected position, you need only be a good politician to be able to win and hold the office. Traits that tend to lend themselves towards proving that you should become a drain commissioner are agricultural and engineering work histories. It is common for anyone who does become a drain commissioner to hold the office for four years. In addition to meeting basic candidate requirements, you must claim a party affiliation, campaign throughout your intended district and register with the electoral committee to have your name placed on the ballot.

Drain commissioners are in charge of the surface water drainage and run-off in their particular district. You will also be one of the only elected officials that is empowered with the ability to raise or levy a tax. In most areas, the person that will become a drain commissioner answers to no one except the voters. You will be able to operate nearly unsupervised and make decisions based on only your theory. It is wise, however, to align yourself with several experts in the field to enhance your image with the voting public.


If possible, you might wish to volunteer on some type of board or committee prior to running for office. This will often solidify your name and image with positive outcomes, providing you managed to accomplish goals while acting as a volunteer. You might also want to befriend a popular public figure and ask him to speak on your behalf, urging the voters to help you in your bid to become a drain commissioner. Purchasing ads on radio and television as well as placing posters and signs in as many locations as possible are also good practices if you want to become a drain commissioner.

One of the best things you can do to help your bid to become a drain commissioner is to identify a potential or actual drainage threat or flooding problem and suggest a solution for the issue. Showing initiative towards solving problems is commonly seen as a good quality by voters. You might also want to find any faults or incorrect actions by your opponent in an attempt to make yourself appear to be a better choice for the position than your opponent. It is always recommended that you appear confident in your abilities and capable of holding your office if you were to become a drain commissioner.



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