How do I Become a Distribution Center Manager?

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Competition can be fierce for jobs in warehouse distribution management. In order to become a distribution center manager, you should consider obtaining a master's degree in distribution or logistics. While you are working on your degree, apply for entry-level management positions such as shipping or receiving supervisor at local warehouses. Keep an eye open for more advanced positions within your organization and apply for them as they become available. Consider contacting a corporate headhunter or recruiter once you have gained the necessary education and experience.

Apply to colleges that offer programs of study in supply chain management, distribution center management, or transportation and logistics. Consider taking courses online so you can be free to look for warehouse management jobs while you complete your studies. This is important because you may have a flexible work schedule which could involve nights and weekends, making it difficult to take classes in a traditional classroom setting.

Some of the subjects you should take while earning your degree include procurement, contracting, and cost analysis. You should also consider classes in English and public speaking so you can perfect your communications skills. Leadership courses and classes pertaining to human resources could also be helpful.


Getting good grades while you are in college can help you become a distribution center manager. Being at the top of your class academically can set you apart from your classmates when it is time to look for work. Consider taking a lighter college load if you find your grades are slipping.

Try to find an entry-level management position that could help you become a distribution center manager. Look for positions in large warehouses where there is likely to be room for advancement. You may also want to consider a job as a factory supervisor if there are no warehouse management positions in your area.

Once you have landed a position, let your superiors know you would like to advance within the company. Ask for increased responsibility once you have established a level of trust with them. Apply for other management positions whenever they become available, even if it is a lateral move. By doing so you can gain experience in a variety of departments within a distribution center.

Remain open to the idea of relocating in order to become a distribution center manager. Looking for jobs in a variety of locations can increase your chances of finding one that is right for you. With luck and persistence, you will be on your way to achieving your goal of operating a distribution center.



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