How do I Become a Department Coordinator?

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The department coordinator is a varied position that requires excellent organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple assignments or projects at once. This person may perform secretarial duties, work alongside upper management in planning events, maintaining and ordering supplies, supervising staff, coordinating and maintaining websites and newsletters, among other tasks. This position is often the “go-to” for many colleagues, both in higher and lower positions.

The quickest and most effective way to become a department coordinator is to enter a school or university and study any business courses. A bachelor's or four-year degree is highly recommended, but on the job experience may also be accepted by many employers. In most cases, a certain amount of experience is required to become a department coordinator. This can be experience in secretarial work, management, buying, or a host of other office related careers.

Once the correct amount of experience or a degree is obtained, someone can become a department coordinator by visiting various businesses and applying for the position in person. Filling out applications in person is highly recommended over online applications because it gives the potential employee a chance to speak with office personnel and even make contact with the manager to give a first impression.


If college is the route taken, it is often possible to become a department coordinator by checking the college or university’s website job boards or bulletin boards on campus. Schools often list jobs that recently graduated students may be eligible for. There also may be a career advisor who is there to help students find work after graduation.

Another way to become a department coordinator is to start by working in another job and work up to higher positions within the same company. This allows employees to build a rapport with upper management, CEOs, owners, and other decision-makers within the business. It also familiarizes an employee with company practices and operations, making them better suited for the role of department coordinator. Additionally, some companies will pay tuition costs for employees to help them advance in their careers.

Finally, there are those who become department coordinators by using personal connections. Friends and family members are excellent resources in finding jobs, and should be utilized. One must be careful when using this method, however, because failure to live up to the job requirements reflects badly on the referrer equally as much as the employee. Therefore, references should always maintain total honesty about the job skills of any friends or family.



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