How Do I Become a Data Steward?

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If you want to become a data steward, you will be expected to protect the information of an organization as well as ensuring its quality. Prospective data stewards need a minimum of an undergraduate degree in a subject related to data management. Other important elements in securing a job as a data steward include gaining work experience, certification, and additional training. If you want to become a data steward, be prepared to face highly skilled rivals.

If you are looking to become a data steward, you need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. The most relevant degrees include information technology, information systems, and computer science. Expect to study topics such as accounting, finance, and management along the way. This degree generally takes three or four years to complete.

You cannot expect to find a job as a data steward with a bachelor’s degree only. There is stiff competition among those looking to become a data steward, and work experience is one way to stand out from the crowd. This is why you should obtain certification. It is not strictly necessary to have this qualification, but invariably, employers prefer candidates that possess it because it demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge.


Once you become a data steward, an excellent place to begin is in the information technology (IT) section of a company. This will help you gain important career skills, including knowledge of the data management process. It will also give you vital experience when it comes to working with a team.

There are a host of different areas in which you can seek employment. It may be wise to find a specialized field and seek work experience in it. An example of this is gaining experience in mortgage lending if you wish to work for a loan company. The work experience will improve your understanding of the reporting, managing, and generating of this kind of data.

For those hoping to become data stewards and who are seeking a little bit of extra help, there is the option of taking extra training. There are hundreds of workshops available that specifically deal with topics such as data management. As technology changes quickly, aspiring data stewards need to be up to date. Workshops can help you to do this as well as focusing on professional development.



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