How Do I Become a Data Center Engineer?

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Data center engineers are information technology professionals who are responsible for overseeing and sometimes designing and implementing networks and systems by which individuals share, access and record information. When people talk about data centers, they usually are referring to physical or virtual spaces where large amounts of data are stored. Some companies, for example, might have data centers that are rooms where servers, monitors, hard drives and other pieces of equipment are stored, and other organizations might have complex intelligence systems that mine and organize information from various sources. To become a data center engineer, it is essential to have an undergraduate degree in a field such as computer science or computer engineering, and in some cases, a graduate degree might be valuable if not required. A person who wants to become a data center engineer also should gain years of experience working with various operating systems and designing network systems in particular industries or fields as well as performing analytical tasks and project-management tasks.


A person who wants to become a data center engineer should focus his or her education on the ways in which information systems are used in his or her field of choice. Individuals who are interested in working with medical systems, for example, might take courses that are different from those taken by individuals who are interested in financial or business intelligence systems or manufacturing systems. If you are an undergraduate student, you can start by taking basic computer science classes. As you gain a deeper understanding of this field, you might find that you are drawn to certain kinds of programs, which might help you choose an area of interest.

To become a data center engineer, you should start getting real-world professional experience as soon as possible. For many students, this means taking internships while still in school. Ideally, you should learn basic operating systems and software products. Most important might be an understanding of networks and the functionality of different pieces of software and hardware that communicate with one another.

It is common for a person who wants to become a data center engineer to have plenty of experience or training in management. These professionals commonly act as project managers. In other words, they are responsible for designing plans and leading initiatives whenever upper-level managers decide to improve organizational operations by optimizing network architecture or restructuring architecture. On your résumé, you should highlight your experience as a big-picture thinker who is able to delegate tasks and complete projects on a schedule and with a strict budget.



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