How Do I Become a Customer Service Representative?

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You can become a customer service representative (CSR) in a variety of ways, depending upon the individual field you are entering. Most potential CSRs prepare themselves by becoming proficient with dealing with the public, both on and off the telephone. They also learn to use the Internet and computer software specific to the position they are applying for.

In many cases, a high school diploma or its equivalent is sufficient to become a customer service representative. Some industries, however, may require continuing education credits or a degree in business, especially for anyone intent on advancing. Course work in computer programs, communications, finance, and other business areas are generally recommended for this career. Most companies provide additional job training if necessary.

To become a customer service representative, you should maintain a neat and presentable personal appearance to ensure your clients will be comfortable working with you. Good interpersonal skills and communication skills are required for this line of work. The ability to read and write well, sometimes in multiple languages, is also very important. Most customer service representatives are expected to type quickly and well, too.


A person who wishes to become a customer service representative should determine which field he or she wishes to work in. Many CSRs work in the manufacturing industry, while others might develop a career at a call center to help troubleshoot customer problems or manage their accounts. People interested in the medical field, publishing industry, and many other job sectors can usually find a customer service job opening in those areas.

If you have the general requirements may generally become a customer service representative by applying for available CSR jobs in their area. Interviewers will then determine whether you are qualified for the position. If you are not selected to work as a CSR, then inquire about what skills you are lacking, and how you might improve your chances of being chosen for the next opportunity.

When working as a customer service representative, people should be able to separate work and personal life by not taking customer complaints or angry comments personally. If you cannot do so, then you may not be able to handle the stress of the job, and might do better in another type of work. You should also be comfortable answering questions, as well as possibly selling products.

The wages for customer service reps varies by experience and job placement. Many customer service representatives are paid on commission, or earn bonuses based on commission. To earn more money as a customer service rep, you can further your education and experience, as well as take on more clients if applicable.



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