How do I Become a Creative Web Designer?

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Web design often requires skills in a variety of disciplines, such as computer programming, online communication, and graphic design. If someone wants to become a creative web designer, he or she typically needs to acquire training or experience in one or more of these fields. There are many training programs that provide instruction in web design.

Most website access comes through computers, so a good working knowledge of how the Internet functions and how people use it may be valuable to someone who wants to become a creative web designer. Another key part of website design is having an eye for how the visual impact of the site and its content interrelate. Designing websites usually requires experience in three main fields of study.

First, if an individual wishes to work as a creative web designer, he or she may wish to learn computer programming skills as they apply to website creation. The programming aspect of web design often entails learning to write in computer codes like HTML, XHTML, or CSS. These standard website coding languages allow internet browsers like Internet Explorer™ or Firefox® to display the web pages as the designer wanted them to look.


Second, most websites are, at their core, places to find information. The text, media, hypertext, and hypermedia of websites are often the main reasons people visit them. As a result, the process to become a web designer may involve learning effective web-based communication skills. For example, a designer may wish to learn how including certain key words in the website text affects internet search engines like Google™.

A third aspect of website creation is graphic design. This part of the process involves both form and function. The designer typically must balance visual interest and ease of use. As a general rule, the aesthetics should not interfere with the functionality of the site.

Web designers may utilize any or all of these disciplines in their work, often depending on whether they design the website on their own or with a team. An individual who wishes to become a creative web designer may seek formal training in one or more of the three main fields. Many training programs offer courses in all three.

Most professional web designers have had some form of formal training, but many others have been virtually self-taught. Web design curriculum typically includes lab assignments that may give a student practical experience that will help him or her to become a creative web designer. These programs range from free online tutorials to university level degrees. There are also Internet courses that provide certification in web design.



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